Wrinkle Free Cloth Fabric Backdrop + Pop Up Display Stand

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  • The fabric material (270 gsm / 8 oz wrinkle resistant tension cloth fabric) used by BingBanners.com has exceeded the minimum requirements of the flame resistance established by the following tests : National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701 test result for our Fabric.
  • Our material has been treated with a flame-retardant chemical or are inherently noninflammable.
  • Our fabric products are 100% eco-friendly.

  • Premium quality wrinkle resistant tension cloth fabric material. Good vertical sense, non-glare, soft, durable and easy to keep clean. Finish along all edges to prevent tears. Item will send by folded, easy storage and carry. 
    With velcro-ready fabric lining all 4 edges of the display, any velcro-backed fabric graphics can be adhered to the display easily and safely. The adhesive power of velcro will ensure that all of your graphics and decor will stay in place. Adhere velcro to the back of a banner and attach to display stand.